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Безубыток: 6 дн.
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Адрес: Zonders.pro Дата запуска: 15.10.2018
Выплаты: Ручные Минимальный вклад: 15$
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Легенда Zonders.pro

The company Is registered in the UK in 2018 and is an investment project, whose activities are aimed at making a profit through trading transactions on the commodity exchange. The company is represented on the largest trading floors of the world: Chicago Mercantile exchange, new York Mercantile exchange, International oil exchange, London metal exchange.
Along with speculative operations carried out through the conclusion of futures contracts, the company also enters into contracts for the supply of raw materials to enterprises of energy, metallurgy, food and automotive industries. In particular, we are the largest suppliers of such groups of raw materials:

metals, including non-ferrous (copper, Nickel, aluminum), precious (platinum, silver, gold) and rare earth (lanthanum, scandium, yttrium, etc.);

hydrocarbons (coal, fuel oil, gas, oil and refined petroleum products);

agricultural products.

The liquidity of these goods is high, but their value can be subject to sharp UPS and downs. This volatility is due to various factors, including unpredictable ones (e.g. climatic conditions in agricultural production or the political situation in the world affecting the cost of oil).
This makes trading on the commodity market more risky compared to operations on the currency or stock exchange, but on the other hand, it is the frequent changes in value that allow experienced traders to generate impressive profits from each successful transaction.

Registered company:
$ 200,000.
initial share capital
$ 3,000,000
total amount of investments made
trust management
number of traders working
in our company
15 years
successful work on
commodity market
The above factors make trading on the commodity market very attractive in terms of profitability, but the degree of risk is quite high. Not every investor can independently master all the details of successful transactions, develop an effective trading strategy, analyze all the factors that affect the movement of quotations, and make an unmistakably accurate forecast.
It is also necessary to take into account the volume of contracts. If trading on the foreign exchange market can be started with small capital, then transactions on the commodity market will require large capital investments, which makes this activity inaccessible to most investors.
Zonders has solved these problems. Small and medium-sized investors are given a unique opportunity to combine their capital to make a profit by transferring them to the trust management of professional traders.



The success and rapid development of the company is primarily due to The well-coordinated work of the team of specialized specialists, which includes:
traders making deals in accordance with the developed trading strategy;
financial analysts, whose task is to monitor the economic and political situation in the world, the analysis of the data, the preparation of reasonable forecasts of price movements;
programmers who work with software and maintain the functionality of the site;
technical support service that interacts with customers to provide consulting assistance.

ensuring a consistently high income for the company and investors;
timely accrual of dividends to each investor;
minimization of risks due to Deposit insurance and creation of a reserve Fund;
formation of partnerships with customers based on trust and real results;
search for new technological and organizational solutions to automate the trading process and better interaction of all services and departments;
access to the leading position in the ranking of world trading companies.


Harry Richards, the sole Director of the investment company Zonders, was born in 1973 in London, in the family of a Bank employee. Following his father’s example, he decided to become a financier, and in 2002 he successfully graduated from the Economics Department of Oxford University. After graduation, Harry found a job in a large trading and intermediary company, in parallel, fascinated by trading operations on the currency exchange.
Gradually, this activity has become his main activity, and in the following years he has gone from an ordinary trader to the head of the analytical service in one of the leading trading companies in the country.
Having achieved rapid professional success, Harry decided to start all over again. Knowledge and experience gained on the currency exchange, he successfully transferred to a related specialty, and began to study the features of trading transactions on the commodity exchange.

Here he was again lucky ― he not only multiplied his own capital many times, but also successfully managed the financial resources of large investors. This allowed Harry to take the position of Director of the company Zonders in 2015, one of the fundamental goals of which was to assist individuals with small investment capital in making a profit from the trade in oil, metals and other natural resources.
The idea of combining small-sized investments into a single pool for trading on the commodity exchange and its brilliant implementation under the leadership of Harry has attracted thousands of small investors. Highly effective trading strategy and competent analytical work of a professionally selected team brought the company Zoners on a par with the most successful trading companies not only in the UK but also throughout Europe.

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Добавляю на блог Среднедоходный проект Zonders.pro. Проект с довольно спокойным маркетингом и отличным уровнем подготовки.

Проект выглядит очень хорошо, работает стабильно уже почти 4 месяца.

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Маркетинг Zonders.pro

  1. 106% на 4 рабочих дня
    Начисления в конце срока
    Тело депозита в конце срока
    Партнёрские от начислений
    ЛИМИТЫ: 15$ — 500$
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    Начисления каждый день
    Тело депозита в конце срока
    Партнёрские от депозита
    ЛИМИТЫ: 35$ — 2500$
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    Начисления каждый день
    Тело депозита в конце срока
    Партнёрские от депозита
    ЛИМИТЫ: 350$ — 25000$
  4. 170% на 30 рабочих дней
    Начисления каждый день
    Тело депозита в конце срока
    Партнёрские от депозита
    ЛИМИТЫ: 550$ — 75000$
  5. 350%на рабочих 45 дней
    Начисления в конце срока
    Тело депозита в конце срока
    Партнёрские от депозита
    ЛИМИТЫ:150$ — 150000$

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Проект принимает стандартные платежные системы: bitcoin, litecoin, etherium, advcach, Payeer, perfect money

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Минимальный вклад: от 15$.

Безубыток: 6 дн.

Доходность в месяц: 30% в месяц.

Доходность в день: 1% в день.

Вывод средств: Ручные.

Минимальная сумма для вывода - 0.1$.

Реферальная программа: 4%-1.5%-0.5%.

Бонус от блога: 2%.

Языки: Русский, Английский, Испанский, Китайский.

Калькулятор: На сайте Zonders.pro есть удобный калькулятор для расчета прибыли от вложений.

В разделе FAQ есть ответы на наиболее часто задаваемые вопросы.


  • ГЛАВНЫЙ ОФИС:10 Foster Ln, London
    EC2V 6HH, United Kingdom
  • ТЕЛЕФОНЫ:+5823-321-32

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    пока всё работает!
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