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Protex is a professional team consisting of developers and traders with many years of experience, thanks to the collaboration of which robots were created for trading in the FOREX market. The robots have been programmed with various asset management techniques, allowing them to trade successfully with minimal risk, regardless of automatism.

Our robots take into account all the main factors of trading, from market analysis to the assessment of the value of the currency swap. The robots integrate the whole essence of trading processes and the correct placement of trading limits, robots know when it is profitable to buy and when it is profitable to sell.

Taking into account that our system is fully tested and already brings a good profit, the trading of our robots is equated to professional traders, which is confirmed by the trade statistics and the total volume of deals.

It is also worth noting that even such automated trading tools as robots cannot guarantee 100% results, in this regard, there may be some losses, but in this case, robots concentrate solely on covering these losses, which minimizes the negative result after the working week of the FOREX trading platform.

Profit in currencies
Our project provides an opportunity to earn in 3 currencies: USD, BTC, RUB.
Safety first
We are an advanced project, and we consider safety of work with the project as the main priority.
Team of professionals
Our specialists have many years of experience in trading with Forex robots.

Robot MESH — the NAME of which comes from the eponymous strategy. This robot is the easiest in terms of the software part, and in terms of the trading strategy.

Robot SLIDING-accepts investments of a larger size, as well as for a longer period, during this time the robot will have time to earn 24% of the investment amount for each investor.

Robot CANDLE-programmed for the most minimal losses, reaching their exclusion, which allows you to take the largest investment, but it is worth considering that the period of operation is 1 day.

ROBOT BREAK — which is a kind of symbiosis of the robot Mesh and the robot Sliding, but different from them as the amounts with which it can work, and the percentage of profit that it will bring after 1 day.

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Статус всех мониторов проекта можно смотреть на http://allhyipmon.ru/monitor/Protex.ltd

Анализ проекта и динамика депозитов на http://investorsstartpage.com/check/d/Protex.ltd


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