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Big business starts with a small dream
We make dreams a pleasant and profitable reality
Company TAI ASIA INVEST started its activities in the 2010th year, when three people, who have a small business, came together to realize a common dream – to build beautiful villas and cottages on the shores of oceans and seas, to sell them to those who dream of the luxury to come with family for a holiday season, or simply to have their little «piece of Paradise» in a warmer climate.
The main objectives of our company are to provide a comprehensive service to each client and help him in solving all issues related to the search for real estate in Asia. Our company specializes in the construction of residential and commercial real estate of different types and classes, the purchase of unusable, destroyed, requiring restoration of objects for their full restoration and renovation, rental services and sublease of finished real estate, finding buyers for resale, tenants, agents and partners for business cooperation. And all this happens with minimal risks and with maximum benefit for you. Choose a reliable partner-always be a leader!
best price
transaction support at all stages
selection of the best real estate offers
additional facility maintenance services
professional technical support 24/7
profitable investment offers for partners
Try With Us
We look to the future
Buying a property is a guarantee of social comfort and decent profit
TAI — the first letters of the names of each of the children of the founders of the company, and this name carries a deep meaning. This is a message to children, to the family, the home, as well as the love of parents to their offspring and the desire to create a good and prosperous future for them. To develop the business and always to go to achievement of objectives, to transfer a part of the life to inheritance to the children who will be able to continue and introduce innovations, to adapt to changeable tendencies of modern life is only a small philosophical part of mission of the company, but allowing to turn a small dream of three ordinary people into big family business which will help all clients with search of the best real estate in the Asian region.
Despite the fact that the founders of the company are indigenous Thais, the business is not geographically tied to Thailand and is not limited to the ability to offer commercial and residential real estate in the country. Our activities cover almost the entire region of Asia, which allows us to offer clients real estate for every taste and in different countries, each of which has its own special way of life, mentality, climatic conditions, natural resources. Wherever you choose an office or apartment, you will never regret the purchased object, which will combine the best construction technology and unique design, creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety.
Our office
We are expanding the boundaries of successful business

Why it is profitable to cooperate with TAI ASIA INVEST
Our company develops every day and strives to improve its work, adapting to the changing market trends. We have clear goals and well-formed strategy, so we can be successful and be highly competitive in the market. We do not impose our interests, but only reveal the benefits of working with our company, giving investors, partners and all customers the opportunity to make free choice in favor of success and development.
Over the years of work in the Asian real estate market, we have been able to form a professional team of specialists, which represents the whole core of our company. We are always open to interesting offers and can offer effective ways of investing in real estate.
constant development
today’s success and future prospects
profitable offers for all investors

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