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Atox Financial Alliance’s history itself started in 2001 when three traders from world known investment institutions, united by long term cooperation in analytical and trading activity, decided to establish moderate private investment fund. In 2006, the fund development level was measured a big and stable investment company and entailed an expansion necessity with wide spectrum of specialists in different business areas. Private capital managers and traders became co-founders and business partners of Atox Financial Alliance (managed by Atoxil Finance Corp., Panama, reg.N 188543). By this day, our main office in Panama City is a work place for more than 50 employees who constitute Marketing, Trading, Innovation, Analytical and Development departments. We started our business in Panama because we are fully confident that offshore countries can give the best opportunities for starting financial and investment business development. Starting out a new phase in 2006 we’ve constantly developed and expanded number of services offered and we’ve reached significant results. We created our own unique trading system that proved through these years its profitability and the lowest losses possible. Point of this system is the so-called «arbitrage trades», which are in 97% of cases profitable. This system has been tested for 3 years, showing fabulous results and it now goes through taking out a patent procedure (patent pending). We are sure that such a profitable business is created to become popular and is simply doomed to be successful. In 2008 our business required new solution for the purpose of worldwide popularization of safe and profitable investing. In the course of re-branding it was decided to offer our service for multimillion e-net users’ army, who highly appreciate time and want to take financial decisions without leaving home. We believe that this step will affect our financial activity the best way and allow us to fully realize our mission, which is to make investment activity available to people of any status and any amount of income. The growing ambitions of Atox Financial Alliance drive us to explore new areas and sectors of world financial business; we constantly develop new strategies and investment products for our present and future investors.

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