Проект FxStar ушел в скам, для того, что бы в будущем минимизировать потери от скама - лучше применять диверсификацию, подпишитесь на новости блога и узнавайте про новые проекты в нашем инвестиционном портфеле в день размещения.

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Адрес: FxStar Дата запуска: 24.02.2010
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Легенда FxStar

Every company shall start its activity with the team of well-organized professionals within a certain sphere of activity. We are not an exception. From the first days our activity was based on the principles, which also regulate it today: to help everyone to become free in the world of financial services. We are sincerely longing for transparency in establishment of confidential relations with partners, we are concerned about them to the maximum extent. This is our key to success. In order to upgrade our team to a new level, on 03 November 2009 a decision was taken on opening the investment company, which shall let us increase turnover, enhance our prestige, develop new territories in the financial world, cooperate with a great number of individuals and legal entities. By now, the official registration is being held in London (all legal documents shall be placed at the web-site within three weeks). The Company’s Investment Program is based on the firm policy that has been developed for years. The basis for this policy is a strong traders’ team, who have been demonstrating excellent results of FOREX market trading for 5 years. Our basic goal is to provide the opportunity of fast and safe investing of your money under extremely favorable conditions. We are trying to offer the most stable and risk-free investment programs. All offered investment plans are directed at long-term investment, which gives perfect opportunities for considerate investors. See details at the investment offers page. One of the Company’s goals is also global expanding of the partnership chain not only in England, America and Russia, but also in other countries, which shall favorably distinguish us from all other investment companies. Having become our Company’s partner, you obtain the opportunity to receive profit out of two sources: investment offers and partnership program. By means of FXstar system, we keep safe our depositors’ wallets against any breaks and unauthorized access to the maximum extent, by way of the three-level security (authorization password, financial password, sms) Such range of services lets us be more flexible in satisfying our partners’ requirements, namely: working with a great number of payment systems, simplifying procedure of contracts concluding with partners, securing high level of the customers’ information confidentiality, as well as fast and safe withdrawing funds.

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Вывод средств: Ручные.

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Реферальная программа: 6-10%.

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Языки: Английский.

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